Applications are not currently being accepted for the summer of 2018
Please check back periodically for updates 

Working at Rainbow Day Camp is an amazing experience and we take great care in choosing our team each year. Any current or past counsellor will tell you that applying for this job takes time but being part of this team is worth every bit of effort!

Please note that we never look for one “type” of person – we welcome many different kids at camp and therefore, we hire many different types of people. Some of our counsellors are artistic while others can’t draw a stick figure. Some are loud, others are not. We have extroverts and introverts. Tall people, short people. Musical and…..not!

What Rainbow counsellors all have in common, however, is a love of working with children and a desire to make camp a safe and wonderful space for all children. We hire people who can work as part of a team and who believe that we can achieve greatness by all working together.

Positions available:
Nothing at the moment.


Read what counsellors have to say about working at Rainbow.

If you aren’t sure you’re ready to work at Rainbow or if you’re only available for a few weeks during the summer, please visit the Volunteer Program section if you would like to volunteer with us.