Q: What if my teen has to miss a day of camp or needs to come in late or leave early? 

A: If your teen must be absent from camp, please let us know as soon as possible. To arrange for late drop off or early pick up, please call the camp directly at 226 343 7246. Refunds cannot be given for missed days.

Q: Can my teen buy their lunch at camp? 

A: The opportunity to purchase lunch is available through Lunch Box Orders. For more information regarding Lunch Box Orders please see the weekly newsletter. Vending machines in the East Village Town Hall are not to be used by our teens and there will not be other opportunities to purchase lunch on campus. 

Q: Who does Rainbow contact if there is an emergency at camp? 

A: The Camp Director will make every attempt to contact the teen’s parents/guardians. If they cannot be contacted, your emergency contact will be called.

Q: Can my teen bring electronics (cell phones, ipods, ipads and laptops) to camp?  

A: Things get forgotten at camp. We do not recommend that teens bring their electronics to camps. We are very busy during the day and these items can be distracting and cause problems. 

Q: My teen does not feel like swimming today. Can he/she do something else during swimming? 

A: We encourage all teens to swim in the pool for safety and supervision reasons. In the case that a teen cannot swim due to an allergy or is not feeling well, the teen will have to sit on the pool deck. We cannot provide special programming or activities if your teen cannot swim – all our counsellors and volunteers are in the pool at all times in order to adhere to the ratios recommended by the Lifesaving Society and the Ministry of Health.

Q: What will my teen do if there is inclement weather? 

A: No problem! We have plans and adjustments for hot, humid or rainy weather. You can still pick up your teen at the regular time but it will be from a different location. Signs will direct you to the new pick-up location.

Q: What if I have to pick my teen up at lunch or during an activity or during swimming?

A: Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements with you. It is imperative that you call the camp number to let the Camp Director (226 343 7246) know that you are signing out your teen early. Although the Counsellors and the Camp Director communicate regularly, it’s best to tell both of them that your camper is leaving early to avoid any confusion (or panic!).

Q: How do I know which teen program is right for my son/ daughter?

A: The camp Administrator can help you decide which program is right for your Teen. Please feel free to call or e-mail – 519 837 0387 or info@rainbowdaycamp.com.

Q: Are extended care hours for teens as well?

A: Yes, you must register for extended care which extends the hours of camp from 9am-4pm to 8am-5pm.

Q: How many weeks of teen camp can my teen register for?

A: A maximum of 2 weeks – one full support or independent week plus the Adapted LIT week.