Responsibilities of Private Contract Workers

Private Contract Workers agree to read and adhere to the Policies and Procedures for Private Contract Workers

PCWs must provide a clear VS police check to the Camp Director prior to starting at camp

PCWs must report to the Camp Director when they arrive at camp on the first day. The Camp Director will have some paperwork for the worker to sign.

Contracts are binding between families and PCW; therefore Rainbow does not provide remuneration for work completed.

PCWs do not receive a camp staff t-shirt or keys to the facilities.

Parking fees are the responsibility of PCWs. Rainbow will not be responsible for any parking fines received. Parking information can be found in the map section of the website.

Rainbow’s Expectations of the PCWs

Private Contract Workers must participate in the swimming program every day.

The PCW is expected to provide a positive camp experience for an individual child with special needs by:

  • Ensuring Inclusion of his/her camper in all activities
  • Facilitating interaction with other campers
  • Integrating the camper into the main activities of a typical camp day
  • Providing one-to-one activities, when appropriate
  • Being responsible for the care and supervision of his/her camper from arrival to departure
  • Maintaining all information received regarding his/her camper in strict confidence
  • In conjunction with the Camp Director, handling concerns raised by families regarding their child and their camp experience


What PCWs can expect from Rainbow

The staff at Rainbow want to ensure everyone at camp has a positive experience. Private Contract Workers are encouraged to contact the Camp Director (226-343-7246) before coming to camp to go over camp operations and to answer any questions.

If a PCW needs to use the washroom or needs a short break during the day, Rainbow staff is available to provide support. The Assistant Camp Director is responsible for all the programming at Rainbow – PCWs are welcome to contact the ACD to get ideas for alternative programming or if different supplies/equipment are needed.

Private Contract Workers are employed by the families but Rainbow staff are always available to help and provide support – everyone’s goal is a happy camper!