Swimming at Camp

Rainbow takes every precaution at the swimming pool as we swim everyday. On the first day of every week, all campers who want to swim without a lifejacket must pass a deep water swim test administered by qualified aquatic staff of the University of Guelph facility. All other campers must wear a lifejacket and will be supervised by a minimum of 4 lifeguards, Rainbow staff and volunteers based on ratios recommended by the Lifesaving Society and the Ministry of Health.

Swim Test

Swimmers slip in, do two widths of the pool on their front while showing that they can put their face in the water. In order to pass, there must be a strong completion of the distance. University of Guelph lifeguards have the final say whether or not a camper passes the swim test. Swimmers who pass will be given a green wrist band. Swimmers who do not pass will receive a yellow wrist band and must wear a life jacket. Life jackets must stay ON when assigned. Campers are to keep their bracelet on all week. 

Campers attending multiple weeks

If a camper is attending multiple weeks at Rainbow and passes the swim test, he/she will have to try the test again each week for the rest of the summer. If a camper passes one week but not the next, he/she will have to wear a life jacket. If a camper does not pass the swim test one week, he/she can try it again the next Monday they are at camp.