Cost Per Week for Rainbow @ Home​

$50 per camper per week ($10 off siblings)

** Short week 5 August 4 - August 7

$40 per camper per week

Themes & Date 2020 Rainbow @ Home

* Shorten Week

Trial Week - Invitation only                                      Welcome to the Jungle    

                                                       Hold on tight as we swing into the jungle at Rainbow Day Camp!                                                       Get ready to explore new places, meet new friends and maybe even                                                                         see Tarzan and his animal friends? 



Week 2 -         July 13 - July 17                              Super Heroes In Training

                                                      Are you ready to show the world the hero inside you? Develop the                                                        courage to help those in need, find the strength to rise-up, and show                                                      kindness that a true hero would show. So move over Superman,                                                       Captain Marvel and Iron Man, because Rainbow heroes are taking over. 


Week 3 -         July 20 - July 24                                  Winter Paradise

                                                      Winter in Summer? Yes Please! Ever wondered how it feels to play                                                       with snowballs in the sun? Build a snowman in 20+ degree weather?                                                   Go tobogganing with no snow? Wonder no more when you join                                                                                    Rainbow for Winter Paradise! 





Week 4 -          July 27 - July 31                    Mad Scientist Goes to Hollywood 

                                                      The world of science and theatre collide in this fun-filled week of                                                     experiments, drama games and record-breaking challenges for campers                                                                                        to beat! 




Week 5 -          August 4 - August 7*                  Rainbow Olympics 2020


                                                        The 2020 Olympics have come to Rainbow. Tons of action-packed                                                       games and activities that will encourage campers to do their best, as                                                                 well as cheering on their new Rainbow team!  





Week 6 -         August 10 - August 14                    Once Upon A Rainbow

                                                             Dance with Beauty and the Beast or run away from the Big Bad                                            Wolf with Little Red Riding Hood, let your hair down with Rapunzel or climb                                              a beanstalk. A week filled with magic and exploring into some of your                                                                                         favourite tales.  






Week 7 -         August 17 - August 21                The Captain Rainbow in All of Us

                                                           A week filled with excitement, fun, new friendships and a lesson                                                       on how to be the best Captain Rainbow you can be. In honour of                                                         Will Mederios, Captain Rainbow, who was the counsellor all campers                                                           looked up to and the friend that everyone loved to be with.  

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