Teen Camp Programs

Rainbow is committed to ensuring all campers have a successful camp experience.  True to our mission statement, we pride ourselves in offering quality programs in a caring and open environment which embraces diversity and encourages personal growth, according to each individual’s uniqueness, strengths, needs and abilities.

Our teen program offers innovative recreational experiences for youth ages 12+ with special needs. A welcome challenge, but challenge nonetheless, is finding the ‘best fit’ experience for each person enrolled in the teen camp, ensuring a safe, successful and positive camp experience for all.

We are pleased to announce that Rainbow is offering two uniquely designed teen programs this summer. Teens with special needs requiring moderate to significant support can enjoy up to two full weeks of camp specifically geared to fit their needs. Called the FULL SUPPORT TEEN PROGRAM, the camp experience will reflect the distinct strengths, needs and abilities of teens who benefit from 1:1 support.  If you are a teen with high needs; i.e., you have a full-time educational assistant, or attend an intact DD class at school, are dependent upon a support worker for daily life skills, and/or have high behavioural needs, Rainbow’s FULL SUPPORT TEEN PROGRAM is for you! There are 2 weeks to choose from.

If you are a teen with special needs who requires minimal support; i.e., you have a part-time educational assistant, are in a part-time or full-time integrated class, and have no behavioural challenges, Rainbow’s INDEPENDENT TEEN PROGRAM has your name on it! There are two weeks to choose from.

The reason Rainbow is offering two distinct teen programs is simple: Teens with special needs who benefit from 1:1 support have different strengths, needs and abilities than teens with special needs who are independent. Rainbow is fully committed to offering the support your teenaged son or daughter needs and deserves.

If you are unsure which program your Teen would be best suited for, please contact the Administrator so you can work together to find the best program for your Teen.

**Please note Rainbow’s counsellors are not trained to handle campers who have violent behaviours. If your Teen is prone to violence, please contact the Administrator to discuss the options.

Visit A Day at CampThemes, Dates and Prices, and Teen Camp FAQ for more information