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Q: What if my child has to miss a day of camp or needs to come in late or leave early? 


A: If your child must be absent from camp, please let us know as soon as possible. To arrange for late drop-off or early pick-up, please call the Camp Director directly at 226 343 7246. Refunds cannot be given for missed days. 


Q: Can my child buy their lunch at camp? 


A: Rainbow has partnered up with LunchBox Orders to offer you a lunch option Wednesdays and Fridays. Orders are due the Sunday at 6:00 pm before your camp week begins. All the information you need will be sent to you by the Administrator before the beginning of camp. 

Q: Who does Rainbow contact if there is an emergency at camp?  

A: The Camp Director will make every attempt to contact the camper’s parents/guardians. If they cannot be contacted, your emergency contact will be called. 

Q: Can my child bring toys to camp?  

A: Things get forgotten at camp. We do not recommend that children bring toys to camp. 


QMy child does not feel like water play today. Can he/she do something else during water activity time?

A: We encourage all children to participate during water activity time for safety and supervision reasons.  We cannot provide special programming or activities if your child does not want to participate. As long as your camper is with their group we can arrange something. 


Q: What will my child do if there is inclement weather? 

A: No problem! We have plans and adjustments for hot, humid or rainy weather. 

Q: My child left something at camp How do I get it? 


A: We have a lost and found bin at the drop-off and pick-up location or contact the camp director if it is something of importance.


Q: My child is potty trained but is prone to “accidents”. What should I do? 

A: Please send a change of clothes in a plastic bag on the first day your child attends camp (and make sure to label everything!). Extra clothes can be stored in the camp office. Please make sure to ask for the clothes on your child’s last day of camp. 

Q: My child has medication (an epi-pen, antibiotics, etc.). Who hangs on to these and how is it administered?

A: The Camp Director will contact you to discuss details, any specific needs, and how to properly administer your child’s medication.  

QWill my child have to wear the Rainbow t-shirt each day?

A: Your child will receive a t-shirt on their first Tuesday of camp. Some children like to wear it every day, but it is not mandatory.

Q: What is an Inclusion Counsellor? 

A: Rainbow offers an inclusive environment for children and youth. Some children with special needs are paired with a qualified Inclusion Counsellor to ensure their day at camp meets their individual needs. 

QDoes Rainbow have volunteers at camp? 

A: Yes! Rainbow has anywhere between 8 and 10 volunteers at camp each week. They are trained and supported while they provide an extra set of helping hands to our counsellors

Q: If campers are not yet 4 years of age (those born later in the year), can they still attend camp? 


A: Because of the new regulations imposed through the Child Care and Early Years Act, children under 4 cannot attend camp, even if they are starting JK in the fall (by the way, we are VERY sad about this and we hope this decision will be reversed soon!).

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