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Teen Camp - Time Travellers

July 8th – 12th

(For campers requiring one on one support or two to one support ages 13-18)

Tween Camp - Heroes and Villains 

July 22nd – 26th

(For campers requiring one on one support or two to one support ages 12-16)

Teen Camp - I'm So Famous Week

August 12th -16th

(For campers requiring one on one support ages 13-18)

Do you have any questions about Teen Camp? Maybe these can help.



Our Teen program offers innovative recreational experiences
for youth ages 12-18 with special needs.

Every day is different at Teen Camp as Teens are involved in deciding how the week will go. They have choices and are consulted when planning. We have lunch at 12:00 and water play Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (in the afternoon) we have a schedule but it may adapt and that’s the beauty of Teen Camp!

Campers can apply for one on one support with a Rainbow worker, Supporting Kids in Camp, or choose to bring a private contract worker.

Please contact the Administrator if you need more information on availability and options.


** Water Play Activities Tuesday-Thursday (Weather permitting)


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** Please note Rainbow is not a therapeutic camp and therefore counsellors are not trained to support campers who have high behavioural needs or are physically aggressive.

Rainbow counsellors are not trained ABA or IBI workers, they are not EA’s nor are they trained or permitted to use any hands-on behavior supports.

If you feel your Teen may need that kind of support, please contact the Administrator to discuss the options.

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