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All support spots are full for 2024
$210 a week per camper
$175 *** shortened weeks



Week 1***   July 2nd - 5th     Let's Go To The Beach -Space Available   


Pack your sunscreen, grab your flip-flops, and get ready for a splashing good time this week at Rainbow. We're transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary with a tidal wave of fun activities that'll make a day at the beach look like a walk in the sand. Join us for a week of sun-soaked adventures and seaside silliness – where every moment feels like a beach party! 🌴🎉



Week 2         July 8th -12th         Time Travellers - Space Available

This week at Rainbow is a blast from the past! Our time travellers will take a fascinating look at the diverse eras that have shaped our world. Campers will explore the groovy '60s, the psychedelic '70s, the rad '80s, and the fly '90s, and the most iconic moments in recent memory.  We will go back to future together and have fun doing it.This week will be a whirlwind adventure through the coolest decades in history



Week 3    July 15th - 19th     Old Mc Rainbow Had a Farm 8 Spaces left

Calling all animal lovers! This week at Rainbow you can expect adventure, creativity, and a whole lot of animal antics. At Old Mc Rainbow's farm you will find many kind of animals as we bring the jungle to you. There could be lions and tigers and bears.. oh my! So get ready to embark on a journey of fur, feathers, and fin-tastic fun that will make this week unforgettable.

Week 4   July 22nd - 26th            Heroes and Villains  **FULL**


Attention, future heroes and villains! Welcome to "Hero vs. Villain Week" At Rainbow, the most electrifying and action-packed camp experience in town. Grab your capes, put on your masks, and prepare for a showdown of epic proportions. The the fate of the camp rests in your hands! Choose your side, pack your gear, and get ready for a week where every camper becomes the hero or villain of their own extraordinary story. 🌟💥


Week 5     July 29th - Aug 2nd    Fairytale Fantasy **FULL**

Embark on a journey through the whimsical world of enchanted escapades, where children are invited to step into the pages of their favourite fairytales and bring their wildest fantasies to life. From brave knights and daring princesses to mischievous fairies and friendly dragons, our camp is a playground of imagination and wonder. Every child gets to be the hero or heroine of their cherished story filled with fairytale characters, friendships, and enchanting memories that will last happily ever after!


Week 6***    Aug 6th - 9th    Board game Bonanza - Space Available


This week, we're diving headfirst into the fantastic realm of board games - at Rainbow our favourite board games will come to life, and every strategy is a winning move. We will be examining some of the classics: Candyland, Monopoly, Risk, Scramble and so much more and of course there will be a Rainbow twist on everything. This week every moment will be a roll of the dice, and the joy of friendship and fun is the ultimate prize! 🏕️🎲🌟                     


Week 7     Aug 12th - 16th      I'm So Famous Week  - 2 spaces left

Hello, future A-listers and paparazzi magnets! The week at Rainbow you can expect the glitziest and star-studded camp experience in town. Grab your sunglasses, find your trendiest outfits, and get ready for a week filled with glamour and fame. There will be epic dance parties, theatre games, famous sport stars activities and a huge concert to celebrate the week. Get ready to steal the spotlight and become the camp's hottest sensation. Shine on, superstar! 🌟📽️


Week 8       Aug 19th - 23rd      Captain Rainbow - 2 spaces left                 

As always we finish the summer by honouring Captain Rainbow and what Rainbow Day Camp is all about. Our goal for the week is that each camper leaves with a heart full of memories and a newfound appreciation for the magic that can happen when people come together to celebrate their differences.

Here's to Camp Rainbow Week, where every day is a burst of colour, and Captain Rainbow's spirit lives on in the laughter, friendship and the undeniable magic that lingers long after camp is over.

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